How to Check for Quality Before You Buy Outdoor Furniture


Feb 11 2018 0 Comments

Garden & patio furniture is designed and manufactured so it is durable, much more so than furniture that is made for indoors. Even if a furniture set has the label ‘outdoor furniture’, it is recommended you validate this claim and make sure that it really will withstand outdoor conditions as it claims, and you don’t get swayed into buying something that won't serve its purpose.

5 Popular Myths about cleaning Carpets and Rugs - #Explained


Nov 1 2017 0 Comments

Among the numerous carpet cleaning tips around the web, there are always some, which fall on the mythical side. You can’t quite decide whether they are true or false, or at least not for sure. That’s why we share some of the most common cleaning myths about taking care of your luxury carpet or rug:

Spark things up inside your home: Take the Outdoor Furniture indoors.


Jul 22 2017 0 Comments

For the last few of years, outdoor furniture has become a rapidly growing market. Homeowners everywhere are reclaiming their backyard patios by using these incredible pieces of real estate. Changes in the industry have made it much easier to make your backyard patio into the epicenter of gatherings with friends or family. You can even repurpose your entire backyard by adding an outdoor kitchen, day beds, fire pits, water features and more.

This Summer’s Must Have Pool Furniture


Jun 24 2017 0 Comments

 Selecting the right pool furniture is no easy task. Despite the fact that there are numerous varieties to select from, finding the right type that defines the atmosphere of your pool and creates an inviting, comfortable setting is always a challenge. The good thing about pool furniture is the versatility both in designs, comfort and style. It's easy to find a design that can match the fantastic appearance of your pool area and can be used all year around. The summer season usually brings new life into pool areas. The exciting new array of furniture styles this summer will blow your mind away. Here are some great new design ideas:

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