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Whether you’re hosting a Sunday backyard BBQ party or firing up the grill for a nice family dinner at home, we got everything you need to have a wonderful time. Which is why we select only the highest quality grills for you to enjoy.

As a gourmet griller, you take grilling very seriously. Our luxury grills give you power, flexibility and accuracy down to the degree. Charcoal BBQ and Smokers enthusiasts will be thrilled with our selection of grills. At ThePatioDepot, we understand grilling down to the tee. For more information on which grill is right for you, just ask our experts.

We know how important your patio is to you. That's why we have so many unique styles to chose from. Get inspired by our selection or mix and match to create your own space. Just don't forget to share your inspirations with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter with #MyPatioDepot.

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About BBQ Grills

Modern design as well as innovative kitchen technology has been combined to offer the patio BBQ grills in order to insure performance and durability. A pleasant grilling experience is offered for both commercial and residential grillers. Steak, chicken, vegetable grilling is easily accomplished in any patio or outdoor lounge dining set ups and the BBQ grills are ideal to complete the authentic outdoor experience at it’s best. ThePatioDepot has a wide inventory of products in BBQ grills to satisfy any grill lover. The variety of grills, combined with options to suit the preference and needs to prepare a wide variety of foods while capturing the unique and desired taste of an authentic barbecue with brands such as RCS Grills, Primo Grills and many others.

Diversity of BBQ Grills

The different types of BBQ grills available on ThePatioDepot are meant to accommodate any preference or space limitation from compact grills for a more limited space to permanent options for patio setups. Our inventory includes post grills, on-cart grills, BBQ smokers and built in grills. Post grills imitate the look of the public park grills and are perfect for compact but permanent set ups. On-cart grills are linked to a cart which can have options such as shelves, wheels and cabinets. These provide storage space while being mobile. The BBQ smokers are perfect to smoke different foods and can reach a great range of temperatures. Finally, built-in grills can be used for a bigger set up such as an outdoor kitchen and include a substantial grilling surface, convenient functional elements with easy-turn knob controls and sleek designs. ThePatioDepot BBQ gas grills are offered in appealing designs and are solidly built. Each grill type includes options powered by one of several fuels and are available in either propane gas models or natural gas models. The propane gas models include fuel-tank housing units for added mobility in various settings and the natural gas models are permanently connected to a fuel source and do not require manual fuel restocking. Both models are durable, and built for performance. Other fuel types for BBQ grills include charcoal and smoker models. Designed from durable materials such as porcelain and steel, The BBQ grills are available with functional add-ons such as rotisseries, side burner or rear burners.

The Pros of BBQ Grills

BBQ grills are the perfect solutions for those who appreciate outdoors dinning and entertaining. ThePatioDepot’s wide inventory makes it easy to find the ideal cooking appliance for superior grilling experience that matches budget, cooking style and space for residential or commercial clients. Also, many of our BBQ grills include safety features such as cool-touch handles and automatic shut-off and options such as functional elements including side burners and storage cabinets which are both convenient and user friendly.